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On the hill that rises northwest from Mikrolimano and north from Votsalakia beach, you will find the most beautiful district of Piraeus: The Castella. Walk around and admire the architecture of the neighborhood with mansions of the 19th century. The uphill streets like Irakleous, Falireos, Foskolou and Vasileos Pavlou offer a panoramic view. From the Veakeio Theatre and even higher at the Prophet Elias, the coastline to Vouliagmeni is clearly distinguishable. To the west of the Prophet Elias hill there are the old waterworks of Athens and a grove, while in the south there are traces of fortifications from the archaic period.
At the top of the hill of Castella you will find the church of Prophet Elias and Veakeio theater. It was built based on the design patterns of ancient theaters and it can accommodate 2000 spectators. At the inauguration in June 1969 the opera Nabucco by Verdi was presented by the National Opera. Each summer the Municipality of Piraeus organize here a number of interesting cultural events.


In ancient times the hill of Castella was called Mounichia hill. In the recent past the name Prophet Elias hill prevailed, due to the church which was built on top of it. Because of the tank (deksameni) for the city's water supply another name of Castella was Deksameni district. The hill has an altitude of about 90 meters.