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The Piraeus-Athens Electric Railway Station was constructed around 1926-1929 by the architect Ioannis Axelos, replacing the existing station. Its magnificent, eclecticist structure was a creative adaptation of European models to the Greek conditions of the time. This is a metallic, riveted, articulated structure with a transparent roof. Successive frames are held together by horizontal interlinked beams, ensuring their solidity with diagonal wind breaks, while at the same time holding transparent panes of glass. Its main feature is its large domed hall. Initially steam trains connected Athens to its port, Piraeus. The line from Athens to Piraeus was inaugurated on February 27, 1869. Today, besides an attraction, it is one of the most crowded train stations, as thousands of people use it to commute to and from Athens and Kifissia.

It is located on 1 Odissou Square.