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The Institution was sheltered in a big neoclassical building of Piraeus which had been characterized by the Ministry of Culture as a "Work of Art" and a "Historical Monument". It is a square building with inner courtyard -usual typology of neoclassicism in architecture- with large arched windows. It was founded in 1889, by Ioannis Hatzikyriakos, a cotton merchant from Smyrna, and his wife, with the mission to take care of the orphaned and homeless girls in Greece. The building was seriously damaged during the 1999 earthquake and it was found unsuitable for the housing of its children. Following the building’s evacuation, the boarding house, the dormitories and the Administration Offices are now all sheltered in temporary lodges in the surrounding area, while the neoclassical building remains closed until its restoration.
It is located at 18 Kleisovis Str., in Freatida.