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Destination Piraeus iPhone & Android applications
Download the interactive applications from the App Store and Google Play and live the Piraeus Experience! The applications are comprehensive and handy, reliable, user-friendly and functional. Digital city guides to help you get acquainted with the history, the architecture, the attractions and the secrets of Piraeus, the most famous city-port in Greece. The texts are original and specially written for the smartphones users.

  • Augmented reality function engages your smartphone's camera and shows what's worth seeing around you
  • Near You enables you to locate attractions, museums, archaeological sites on Google map. Sharing with all major social media platforms (Facebook, twitter)
  • Instant share engaging e-mail function within the app
  • Search option to look up the contents of the application at a glance
  • Favorites feature, to select your own points of interest in Piraeus
  • All information is 100% reliable and up to date
  • The apps are designed to operate off line


Destination Piraeus iPad applications
Discover the best attractions and the secrets of Piraeus in Greece with this amazing, fully interactive iPad application. The best travel and culture native iPad application about the famous port of Piraeus. Fully interactive and original, includes rich editorial and multimedia content. Enhanced experience by use of horizontal and vertical iPad format. High quality pictures and videos of the best attractions, the museums, the archaeological sites, the secrets, the marinas, the shopping areas.
  • Information about the history and the architecture of Piraeus
  • Recommended places to visit
  • Shopping and Entertainment
  • Routes in the historical center of Piraeus
  • High quality photos and slide-shows to admire the best spots of the city
  • In-app browser
  • Offline operation
  • All information is 100% reliable and up to date