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Piraeus extends from the Gulf of Eleusis up to Faliro bay, opposite Salamis. Its main geographical feature is the Piraeus peninsula, on which stands Pasalimani or port of Zea,  Mikrolimano (or Tourkolimano) and the hill of Castella (or hill Prophet Elias). It is located 12km southwest of the centre of Athens. The main port of Piraeus is located between Piraeus peninsula and Drapetsona. Piraeus has become a major international maritime and shipping industry centre thanks to its size, location and the very ancient relationship of Greeks with the sea. Apart from commercial trading it transports million passengers each year to the Aegean islands. In Piraeus there are important monuments, such as a part of the Long Walls of the 5th century BC, remains of ancient temples and buildings. There are also the neoclassical Municipal Theatre, industrial buildings of the early 20th century and impressive modern buildings such as the Peace & Friendship Stadium and the G.Karaiskakis Stadium. Moreover, there are several museums with the most important the Archaeological and the Hellenic Maritime Museum.
There are plenty of transportation means in service such as buses, trolleys, suburban railway, tram, metro, which for the time being the old line of the underground railway is the one available. There is going to be a new extended line of the metro, while it is also connected to the central railway network of the country.

When you leave the cruise ship you have two choices: Either to go towards the shopping area of the city, Pasalimani and Castella, or head towards Hatzikyriakio, Piraeus Peninsula and Zea Marina.
1. To the commercial and retail centre of Piraeus Korai Square, or Pasalimani and Castella. When you leave the cruise ship, your other option is to turn left on Akti Miaouli Street and to make a right turn onto 2nd Merarchias which leads you to the Terpsithea area. Continue all the way down to Pasalimani. The seafront road, Akti Moutsopoulou Street, goes round the harbor and changes its name to Akti Kountouriotou Street. Then it takes you right above Votsalakia beach. It then changes its name once more, to Apostolou Pavlou Street, and runs through the beautiful Castella area with its elegant neoclassical buildings.
Alternatively, when you reach 2nd Merarchias you may not continue on to Pasalimani but turn left, so that you will find yourself in the main shopping area of Piraeus. Take Karaiskou Street to Korai Square and its numerous coffee shops, while admiring the renovated Piraeus Municipal Theater across the street. On Vassileos Georgiou Street there are more shops and neoclassical buildings worth seeing.
2. Hatzikyriakio, Piraiki & Zea Marina. Leaving your cruise ship, turn right onto Akti Miaouli Street and continue along the street to visit the Piraeus Lion and enjoy a coffee with a view of the Port (right at the end of Akti Miaouli Street). Alternatively, make a left turn onto Klissovis Street to reach Hatzikyriakio where you can try the excellent food served at the local taverns. Further down Hatzikyriakio Street you will find the premises of the Hellenic Naval Academy and Theotoki Street will take you to Piraiki’s seafront road. Then, you can follow the road round the sea. There are seafood taverns open here and you can admire the remains of the Cononian Walls on the famous Piraiki rocks. You can continue this route to Zea Marina and from there go on to Pasalimani.