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The ancient port of Zea, which hosted the symbol of sovereignty of the Athenian state, its great fleet, is the present Pasalimani. The name Pasalimani was established because during the Turkish occupation, pashas of Athens came here along with their harems for swimming. The access to the coast for Christians was prohibited. Zea is the second largest of the three ports of Piraeus. There are still historical cafés here, from a time when the high society of Piraeus went every afternoon for a walk with their children, nannies and dogs. The most historic team in Greek football, Olympiacos, was founded as a club in the café Kyveleia, in Pasalimani, which no longer exists. The older residents of Piraeus didn’t say: “Olympiacos plays with Panathinaikos”, the eternal opponent team of Olympiacos, but they said: “The Champion plays with Panathinaikos”. In the west side there is Zea Marina, which was built by the Piraeus Port Authority, in 1955. At Moutsopoulou coast, where Kaniggos street meets Sirangiou street, you will see the Tzivanioti villa, known as “the house with palm trees”. It is of stone, in neo-Gothic style and built in the late 19th century. Very close to the villa there have been survived interesting ruins of ancient shipyards. Pasalimani ends at the east on a hill, the top of which has formed a square called Alexandras. Certain cafés here offer panoramic view of the urban complex of Athens. 

In Pasalimani there are many cafés and restaurants, most of which offer wonderful view to the Saronic Gulf and Zea Marina. On the eastern side of the bay you can see a part the ancient walls.